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Here is a testimony from Co-founder Jc mason

" When I was six years old I began spending summers at a campground where my grandparents were caretakers. I would walk through the trails down to the lake that rested between blue-green mountains. It was beautiful! 

On many occasions I recall 
feeling overwhelmed with a "presence", whether in the breeze making it's way through the trees or the sound of a crackling campfire. I was in awe of creation... not that I understood it but just fascinated by all that was to be discovered around me! I felt safe, confident and adventurous! I didn't have to be beautiful,and yes, even at age 6 I understood that beauty and perfection was highly sought after and admired in the world. I was accepted just being me; the tom-boy, lizard whisperer, dirt under the fingernails, toad, turtle, and bug, barefooted hunter!

I anticipated every summer to go there, being embraced by my grandmother and exploring the wide open spaces. As I got older I witnessed even more creatures, and I was bitten and stung often I     might add! 
I marveled at the marvelous scenery, which made me opened my eyes to see this creation had a Creator! A Creator that spoke this all into reality! And me? I was His creation! Me? How amazing to know that I (human race) was the grand finale and purpose of all His creation!
God was the presence I was feeling all those years! God was the magnificent designer, author, engineer, and scientist, but most importantly He was using all of it to reach me where I was; to draw me into his arms."   

This is why I so desire to reach the hurting and disabled through God's creation on a farm. There is nothing like the wide open spaces where no one is judging you because you're "different" or have "issues". 
Amazing things can happen staring into the depth of the eyes of a powerful horse and having him nudge you with a playful acceptance. Great confidence is to be gained riding on the back of such a beautiful creature. It's through experiences like that where the hurting will see the heart of their creator and become a new creation!